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Premiere på Alexander Rybaks nye musikkvideo «Kotik» (Kitten/Pus)

Produsent: Rustam Romanov
Musikk: Alexander  Rybak
Tekst: Alexander Rybak & Yaroslav Rakitin

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Tekst (oversatt til engelsk)

 av Sonya L. Revidert av Katie A.

I decided a long time ago that I’ll never fall in love again
But then you appeared, my kitten-kitten-kitten-kitten
I was independent, but now it’s so boring without you
You break my heart, you play with my soul
And I don’t mind, let people laugh at me
But as soon as I fall asleep, my bunny-bunny-bunny
You’re right here, and I grow wings on my back
And flying above  the ground, I’m dreaming only about one thing

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